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What We Do

We Help Brands Create Meaningful Experiences
centerpoint marketing

CenterPoint provides a full platform of tradeshow
and event capabilities

  • International
  • Portable Program
  • Inventory Management
  • Lead Management
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Activation

CenterPoint provides a full platform of tradeshow
and event capabilities


An accurate assessment of the wants and needs of all stakeholders is essential to the exhibit design process. We collaborate with you on a process to perform important planning activities.

  • Documenting known exhibit design requirements
  • Reviewing the existing brand and marketing platform
  • Reviewing the competitive playing field “event-by-event”
  • Discovering stakeholder needs and agendas, including individual interviews as may be appropriate
  • Aligning roles and relationships with internal and external agency partners
  • Confirming financial, physical and human assets
  • Gathering other data that may impact success
  • Clarifying how success will be measured


Various strategies are explored to map the ideal audience experience. The focus is on attendee knowledge, beliefs and behavior that will drive success.

  • What should your audience learn, think and do that will facilitate desired outcomes?
  • Is there more than one ideal path for various audience segments?
  • What flexibility is needed across single and multiple markets?

The work product is one or more “mind maps” that focus on audience experience and essential outcomes. The most promising approach drives the exhibit design process to follow.


Solid strategy and clear requirements let the exhibit design process come alive. One or more solutions are developed using sketches, 3D renderings, video animations and other tools necessary to clarify design intent.

  • Initial concept ideas
  • Client review and evolution
  • Revisions and budget estimates
  • Refinement and selection
  • Confirmation and approval

Graphics & Media

Brand-driven static and animated graphics are often included in the exhibit design solution. We provide complete development and support based on your needs.

  • Adherence to brand standards and guidelines
  • Integration with existing campaigns
  • Work partnership with client agencies
  • Engaging interactive experiences including touch-screen, augmented reality and virtual reality
  • Live talent in support of customer presentations and engagement
  • Static graphic and video content
  • Complete provision and support of technical equipment and personnel on-site

Expert Fabrication

From design to reality using every resource needed to respond to design requirements

  • Efficient and reliable pre-production engineering
  • State-of-the art workshop with the talent and tools to complete the job
  • Custom fabrication in all materials using the most efficient digitally driven tools.
  • Trade show display rental materials to complete or supplement custom component production
  • Meticulous test-fitting and packing for secure road shipment
  • Meticulous test-fitting and packing for secure road shipment
  • Detailed parts and container documentation and digital records
  • Visual image documentation
  • Orderly, clear and complete on-site assembly drawings and instructions
  • Pre-shipment project planning for smooth installation on-site

Rental Solutions

A complete inventory of trade show display rental materials for all types of applications.

  • Utilization and financial planning to help you decide what exhibit to rent and what to buy
  • Flexibility to evolve and change without fixed expense or storage costs
  • Consistency to make sure your investment in branded graphics works time-after-time
  • First and second story meeting rooms and decks to deliver exceptional utility and value
  • Rent-to-own and other flexible strategies to benefit your business
  • Portable and modular displays for specialty use
  • Hanging signs, cabinets, furniture and almost anything needed


CenterPoint's 200,000 sq. ft. facility combines all operational functions including an attached, secure warehouse with space dedicated to your program.

  • Central North America location with efficient transport to all major event venues
  • Integrated storage depot service for regional or caravan asset deployment
  • Detailed inspection and repair protocols that meet your requirements
  • Accurate and complete records for all items in storage or on the road
  • Production and warehouse operations in the same facility for program efficiency and security

Global Logistics

From transport through the last detail of on-site installation, our teams are there for you across America and across the globe.

  • Reliable carriers with advantaged pricing
  • Tested partners in every major venue to make sure you get the same reliable experience in Milan and Mumbai that you get in Las Vegas and Chicago
  • Tracking and verification of each shipment every day
  • Experienced field labor and project supervision as needed for every event
  • Detailed on-site project planning with full client collaboration and documentation
  • Flexible programs for show service coordination and payment
  • Fulfillment of conventional and exceptional requests to keep your teams focused on business, not event logistics


Our work process adapts to your culture and your preferences. We look forward to joining your team.