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Why Versatility Is The Holy Grail Of Exhibit Design

In today’s business world, change is the new normal. Product introductions happen seemingly overnight. Next-gen platforms jump ahead—not by incremental improvements but by revolutions.


Despite these rapid shifts, your brand promise will presumably remain unchanged. The way you present it, however, may not.

Your tradeshow exhibit must be able to keep pace.

Let’s dive into this a bit further…

Perhaps a large billboard-style banner with a quick headline was effective in introducing your new product line. But will this solution make an impact when you’re trying to attract new customers to a mature product offering? Probably not.

In this scenario, communicating a more nuanced story to vertical market prospects that have yet to be conquered may be more effective. And of course, this shift in storytelling will likely require an entirely different visual solution—and it can happen across a mere one or two years.

This fast-paced environment is precisely why every tradeshow exhibit we sell is designed with versatility in mind. Nothing is a stick in the mud.


  • What will the future look like if this company is successful in its go-to-market strategy?
  • What changes can we expect during the lifecycle of this exhibit?
  • How can we incorporate architectural substructures that can be reconfigured to accept printed and digital media in a variety of scales and
  • What level of versatility will lead to the greatest business outcomes and require the least amount of money?

In regard to exhibit infrastructure, things are much easier to change than they were 10-15 years ago. Where exhibits were once built with wood and metal that was fused into place, they’re now comprised of lightweight aluminum frames that can easily be reconfigured year after year. Rental programs offer plenty of customization and flexibility, too.

The world, despite its lightning-quick pace, is still your oyster when it comes to exhibit design. Give us a call we can help you make the most of it.