5 Ways to Create the Most Effective Trade Show Exhibit Design

The Top 5 Ways to Create the Most Effective Trade Show Exhibit Design

Every trade show marketing company is different. When it comes to exhibit displays, every experienced trade show designer will tell you the same thing about the basics to your area’s creative: keep it simple, unique yet easily digestible, and succinct in both space and messaging. And while that sounds like relatively easy rules to follow when developing trade show displays, you’d be surprised just how often these seemingly straightforward rules quickly get left behind.

Here are a few ways to create the most effective trade show exhibit design that every business should always keep top on mind:

Create Crisp and Concise Copy

Always keep your messaging short and snappy. Sure it must be intriguing and alluring, but only to draw passive attendees into your booth so you can tell them more. The truth is, your company’s display has about three to four seconds to capture a prospect’s attention, and the words that adorn your display need to be remarkably on point and full of intrigue to be most effective. Treat your display as a billboard on a highway, and try to get your brand positioning across in six words or less.

Maximize Your Space

We have discussed a holistic approach to trade show displays before with the 4 Mantras of Good Exhibit Space Design, but there’s even more you can do even on the most basic level. From waiting areas for high-traffic shows to displays that take strategic advantage of the high ceilings in the exhibit space, work with your trade show booth designers ahead of time to make the most of your booth size and the subsequent allotted area.

Utilize Unique Design

Designing with “wow factor” is no longer a factor in today’s marketplace. Elaborate and gaudy displays attract attention for all the wrong reasons. You want to move product or showcase new advances at your trade shows, not become a sideshow. Applying a strategic use of lighting to accentuate a distinctive design is one low-key way to increase a higher level of interest. And you’ll find a sleek, one-of-a-kind design will not only keep the focus on your products and people, but also ultimately keep you on the desired path to trade show success.

Collaborate at Creation

Whether you’re partnering with a talented, professional display designer or developing your forward-thinking, in-house creative yourself, it’s important to make sure you are actively involving important stakeholders at every step of the way. Only once they understand the effectiveness of a truly unique design, you can be more effective too.

Deliberate, Actionable Engagement

You already know that every element of technology in your trade show booth should serve a planned purpose. So what are some of the other ways in which you can stand out and engage with attendees casually walking the convention floor? You’ll find a complete trade show booth company often can provide on-site, trained talent to help with live customer presentations, interactive experiences to keep those waiting engaged, and both static and visual solutions to attract and retain the casual passerby to keep them actively engaged all throughout your stunning exhibit space.

Follow these basic rules when creating an effective exhibit design and you’ll be well on your way to unmitigated trade show success. And should you need any help with your trade show display, do not hesitate to contact our trade show or exhibit marketing professionals online or by calling 651-578-3600 today.