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4 Mantras of Good Exhibit Space Design

When you purchase exhibit space at a tradeshow, you’re essentially buying the opportunity to not only strengthen your brand but also move prospects along the sales cycle. Your ability to succeed in these two areas is often tied to the design of your space.

For this reason, exhibit space design should never be an afterthought. It should be approached holistically, ideally while chanting these four mantras:

1. “Your exhibit isn’t architecture. It’s a story.”

Gone are the days when visual impact was the only thing that mattered. Today’s consumers need to be engaged. They need a compelling story. In the B2B world this is especially important. If you’re operating in this space, you need to explain how your product is better, faster and more compatible—and how it will increase shareholder value.

Yes, this is a tall order, but good design can make it happen.

Good design considers what visitors to your exhibit will see first. It takes advantage of where the eye may linger or rest. It considers the flow of the experience, or how your customers will digest your story.

2. “Technology is your friend.”

Good design takes advantage of technology to tell your story. And thankfully, the cost of using technology has declined despite its advances.

Today, there’s so much you can do with digital media to project images and content throughout your exhibit, from using LED tiles to create a living skin to syncing up large-scale monitors to display a powerful image. It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to create a wall of colorful imagery or eye-catching animation. The possibilities are delightfully endless, and more affordable than ever before.

3. “Every surface is an opportunity.”

Remember that in most cases, when you purchase an exhibit space you not only have the rights to the floor but also the space above it. Think in three dimensions, and take the opportunity to make a stunning impact. You’re limited only by budget and imagination.

Good design considers every surface—at every dimension—to make this happen. It thinks about image, light and message, as well as how these elements interact with each other. It recognizes that everything your customers experience at your exhibit is a chance to tell your story.

4. “Don’t neglect your purpose.”

In every aspect of exhibit space design, it’s important to think about your purpose—i.e., the reason you decided to attend the show in the first place. Good design continually revisits your goals for the show to make sure it’s meeting each one. In other words, good design is mindful.

Keep these mantras of good exhibit design in mind, and your customers will likely keep you in mind, too.