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COVID19 Testing Booth
Designed by

The University of Minnesota College of Science & Engineering

  • Protect healthcare providers when administering COVID19 tests
  • Positive pressure HEPA filtered air that repels outside particles
  • Significantly reduce utilization of PPE
    (mask, gown & shield not required – only 1 pair of gloves per shift)
  • Increase testing throughput
  • Sanitize exterior between patients
Currently in use at multiple
M Health Fairview locations
“It was a game-changer on two fronts. It kept everybody safe, and it saved PPE”
-Steven Endrud, VP of Operations, Fairview
  • Dimensions: (32″W x 32″D x 83″H)
  • 1/4″ polycarbonate walls
  • Locking casters 3″ diameter
  • Vinyl floor easy to clean
  • Voice port to help communication
  • Fan with replaceable HEPA filter
  • AC power required for ventilation system
  • Stainless steel grab handles
  • Removable sample tray
  • Magnetic latching door
  • 8″ ports with attached sleeved gloves
  • Lightweight, easily portable
“It’s safe for us medical assistants who are swabbing, it’s safe for the patients, and it’s saving so much with the equipment”
-Dana Seeker, Medical Assistant, M Health Fairview Oxboro Clinic

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